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Death Certificates

Before the business and legal issues of the estate can be pursued, it will be necessary to obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate. You can order them from the Funeral Director or directly from the Registrar of Vital Statistics in your area. The cost per copy will depend on the cost set by the local government where the death occurred. It is always better to order a few more than what you think you will need. Most agencies will only accept certified death certificates and not photocopies. Generally Certified Copies of a Death Certificate are required for assets with holding a financial value.

A Certified Copy of the Death Certificate is required in order to prove that the deceased has actually died in the following situations:

  • To prove Death to Insurance Companies in order for a Life Insurance Policy to be paid out. [1 copy per insurance policy/company]
  • For Each Bank Account the decedent's name is attached to [Including joint checking accounts] In order to either close out and account or remove the decedents name from a joint account. [1 copy per bank account/bank]
  • To prove to Creditors that a Death Occurred.
  • For Social Security Administration
  • Lawyers need a certified copy to Execute a Last Will and Testament.
  • Needed in many situations to clear up property ownership situations.
  • Many other legal and financial situations need to have a death certificate to resolve the issues.

In some cases, there may be a need to obtain a certified copy of the death certificate without a cause of death. These certificates are needed to transfer the title on a house, mobile home, and automobile or in some cases for court procedures. You should make this request when ordering the certified copies.

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